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Customized Battery Pack, Smart Battery Management Hardware & Software, Super Chargers and quality Li-ion Cells with long life Cycles...

About Us

Rancor Energies Private Limited is located at electronic city in Noida. The startup was founded by two founders who graduated from top institutes, have good Science and Technology background and excellent skills to solve some serious problems that India is facing. As the pollution problem of India is increasing, government and society is pushing boundaries to minimize or stop using diesel and other fossil fuels. The obvious solution this problem is to use high energy storage batteries in vehicles and in commercial or home power backups and Rancor provides solutions to store high energy in vehicles, cranes, forklifts and in power backups. Rancor designs and manufactures Li-ion Cells, Battery Packs and Fast Chargers for Electric Vehicles and Solar Companies, also develops software tools to manage battery performance.
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Who We Are and What We Provide ?

Rancor Energies is in business of manufacturing Li-Ion battery packs, Li-ion cells and Li-Ion battery superchargers. We make batteries for both Transportation purpose and Energy storage purpose. In field of Transportation, our special Li-Ion cells solves problems like range anxiety and affordability of electric vehicles. For Energy storage purpose our LFP cells are made to provide long time power to your home or commercial building. 

We also develops softwares for Electric vehicles because performance and range of future electric vehicles will depend on operating system of vehicle. We have all kind specifications of battery packs like 72V 80Ah, 100Ah, 120Ah etc, 48V 50Ah,  80Ah,100Ah, etc. for different purposes like e-bikes, retrofit kits for cars, golf carts, forklifts, electric buses, cranes, toys, solar projects and robots. Customized battery packs are available, any Voltage and capacity as per customers requirement. Our Li-ion cells have latest chemistry combination of NMC:811 which is used in Tesla and Porsche batteries. We also manufacture fast superchargers for electric vehicles to charge them in 30 min.

Our Solutions to Your Problems

Our software and hardware solutions to electric vehicles and energy storage are best in class in terms of quality and affordability. Our SM-P series of Li-Ion battery superchargers enables fast charging for Electric vehicles. Our battery management hardware has features to prevent battery from over discharging and charging, over heating, balancing of cells and short circuit prevention. In field of solar energy storage we manufacture LFP batteries for high capacity and long term storage of energy and does not self degrade with time. These batteries is used by Solar Power companies to store energy when sun is not up and for commercial and domestic long term power backup instead of diesel generators. 

Reasons To Choose Us
  • We have best quality Li-ion cells with Long life, up to 5000 life cycles.
  • World class advanced Intelligent Battery management hardware systems.
  • Creatively deigned vehicle management software that integrate with advanced hardware to deliver cutting edge performance.
  • Deliver high value to our customers at competitive prices.